I love being outside taking photos. I also like taking Portraits, doing weddings, or photographing families, for life is about people and about relationships.

I’ve never liked fiction – in fact I generally can’t stand it. In movies or books, they have to be based on a true story. Otherwise, I’m not interested.

This probably affects the way I see things photographically. It would be wrong to say I don’t edit, but I like what I produce to reflect reality.

My work as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor has taken me to various places in the United Kingdom, and to Canada. One of the best areas I’ve stayed when working was Tynemouth : the North East Coastline is spectacular. And the people are so welcoming and friendly. Even to Scots! Then there was the Highlands and the West Coast of Scotland – I lived just along from Glenfinnan and used to see the stream train called the Jacobite passing the window each night.

Images top to bottom – St Marys Lighthouse Whitely Bay, Glenfinnan and Loch Budhie, taken when I was site bases on Lynemouth Power Station, Barcaldine FIsh Farm and Bonar Bridge Substation builds. respectively.

What a joy to live in our beautiful United Kingdom.

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