Glen Etive

Recent trip to Glen Etive Recently I travelled to Glen Etive, which is just about as spectacular as Glencoe itself. Mixed weather but generally overcast and perfect for shooting landscapes.


Not as easy as you think…… At last I managed to plan a visit to Sandwood Bay. First problem was the sat nav said the route through Lairg was blocked so took me on a detour that added nearly an hour. So it was 18.15 when I arrived and had


Love photographing aircraft. The I love taking photos of aircraft. The technique for photographing fast jets is totally different from prop aircraft where you need to use much shorter shutter speeds to get prop movement


Yesterday I was taking photos of a model in a smaller space than the normal studio. Because I had to hold the camera with one hand (I had a reflector in the other) my go to shutter speed of 1/60th was just not adequate and I have a lot of


Yesterday I was photographing Red Squirrels and birds at a Scottish Wildlife Trust centre. I’m a member of the Wildlife Trust, the National Trust and the RSPB, as I like going to their various facilities and believe in supporting them financially. It’s not expensive. Yesterday I was speaking with another




I love being outside taking photos. I also like taking Portraits, doing weddings, or photographing families, for life is about people and about relationships. I’ve never liked fiction – in fact I generally can’t stand it. In movies or books, they have to be based on a true story. Otherwise,

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