Red Squirrel with nut

Yesterday I was photographing Red Squirrels and birds at a Scottish Wildlife Trust centre. I’m a member of the Wildlife Trust, the National Trust and the RSPB, as I like going to their various facilities and believe in supporting them financially. It’s not expensive.

Yesterday I was speaking with another photographer who was shooting with a Canon 600mm f/4.0. Yes, I would really love one of these lenses. However I consider the £ 13k cost too much for my needs. YEs, you will get a nice creamy background, and pin sharpness. But I’m looking at the sharpness taken with my humble Sigma 150-600 and thinking – just how much more sharpness do you get for the money? I believe the image above is pin sharp and cannot justify the cost for seeming improvement.

I was discussing this with a pro who takes workshops to Africa on Safari, and he also “only” shoots with the Sigma. His results were good. There is also the zoom v prime versatility.

My conclusion is for the meantime I will continue with the Sigma.

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