Not as easy as you think……

At last I managed to plan a visit to Sandwood Bay. First problem was the sat nav said the route through Lairg was blocked so took me on a detour that added nearly an hour. So it was 18.15 when I arrived and had the 4 mile walk down to the beach.

The light was promising as you can see from the iphone shot of one of the Lochs on the way. App was showing 75% chance of sunset and 10% chance of rain. Got to the beach and the light was totally flat. Didn’t even get the camera out.

On way back it absolutely poured down. Got soaked right through my waterproof jacket. Sadly didn’t have waterproof trousers with me.

Summary – 10 hours round trip by car + 3 hours round trip on foot, got totally soaked, and not a single image. On the positive side I enjoyed the walk despite the rain, and have now set foot on a beach I’ve always wanted to visit.

I will be back…

Sandwood Bay
Loch a Mhuilinn

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